Getting Access to IWILFIN

IWILFIN Cares is a patient support program designed to help patients start and stay on therapy.

Once your child has been prescribed IWILFIN, you will be able to enroll in IWILFIN Cares. IWILFIN Cares offers a team of dedicated specialists available to support various aspects of your IWILFIN treatment journey.

IWILFIN Cares support services include:

Insurance Coverage Determination:

A Support Specialist will work closely with you and your healthcare team to determine your child’s insurance coverage for IWILFIN.

Coordinated Home Delivery:

Once your child’s prescription is approved, a full-service pharmacy will conveniently ship IWILFIN straight to your doorstep.

Pharmacist Access:

Pharmacists are available to answer any questions you may have about your child’s IWILFIN treatment.

Financial Support Eligibility:

If you need assistance paying for IWFILIN, a Support Specialist will share financial support options for which you may be eligible.

Automated Refill Reminders:

IWILFIN Cares will provide refill reminders and assist you and your child with any additional steps needed to ensure timely refills.